Inventor Wants to know your opinion?


Imagine waking up one morning with the only one goal, and that goal is do anything possible to get enough money to feed yourself, and buy blood pressure medicine,  so you won’t have a stroke and make things worse.  I would say that this is the average goal of every older citizen of these United States of America. What a crock of poo! You Republicans and you Democrats with your high and mighty political connections to the rich and famous will burn in hell for casting us older citizens away to die. You guys are going to at least hear from me. I am Bill D. Lavoie, and I am the Inventor of U.S. Patent 5077788 System and method for processing telephone communication – US .  Before you guys just turn to the next page and pass me by, listen very carefully. In 1979,  I developed an Idea to put personal computers and telephone systems together, so we could communicate with each other. I actually made a working model out of a two commodore 64 computers, and designed a modem that I could wire the phone line,  and phone into,  and process digital voice, and data through the telephone system. In brief, I had a working design of the very thing I’m using today, and  communicating to you,  “in 1979“. But alas, I was ridiculed, scorned, and made to believe that I was living in a fantasy world. I tucked my tale,  and tried to come up with something useful to society. In 1985, I came up with a way to change 911 into E911,  and make the phone company process the digital signals from a desk top computer, purchased at  “Best Buy”, making it affordable for small communities to purchase, and implement Enhanced 911. In 1989, I applied for a Patent. The original “Best Buy” computer and all of it’s components, software included, which I wrote, and it turns out was the first windowed based operating program EVER, I called it Window Frames. In other words, you could say my patent open the door wide open for the internet age as we see it today, and YES,  this is exactly what I intended. Now, this is where you political active “World Savers”,  need to step up and make the big World Change, just like you promised you would do. Shortly after I demonstrated this in Houston, Texas in 1990, to a large group of High ranking ATT, ITT, Bell Companies, Texas county officials, I was called away to do work else where. I was pushed aside and told they would call me if anything came of it. I ended up in a coma and lost all my mental and physical abilities for many, many years. I did not even know about it until about 2 months ago when Mark Cuban, started writing on his Mavericks Blog about great Inventors who changed the world with their Intellectual Property Patents , (Had to look that one up), and did not get their just rewards. I challenge you Politically active people to not take my word for it. LOOK IT UP, it is real Easy, just Google my Name, Bill D. Lavoie, and you will find with ease, 51 other inventors that have patents, that they had to reference my Patent, to make their patent work. Other Published Inventors say that every one of these guys should have paid me royalties, but the US Patent office could not get in touch with me…..Really!!!! The IRS, bill collectors, law enforcement, and The Attorney General Of Texas ”Child Support” NEVER HAD a problem finding me. Mark Cuban did not know what he started down deep in my soul and sprit. The only way you Politically Active persons can keep me quit now is to KILL ME. NOW, Here is where YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. If you find that I did have a revolutionary Idea, then ,I have A HOLY CRAP Method that WILL fix everything, and all of our Energy and Pollution problems. If we could convince the Public and Political majority to except a federal mandate to make Bio Diesel the only fuel expectable by 2011 and price cap it at 3.50 a gallon, we as Americans and Industrialist would be out of Debt in no time at all. The BY Product of this would feed the world. I also Have a design to build your home and make it pay for itself in 10 years no mater how big or small you build it, by selling power back to the LARGE POWER GRIDS. THESE 2 Ideas WILL work and not cost a fortune. ALL YOU HAVE to do is CALL ME and I will show you step by step how to implement this. BUT I AM Sure as I am sitting here looking at the PAST you will ridicule, scorn, and believe that I am living in a fantasy world. I have already heard this from family, so called friends, ex wives and girl friends, even though I can make a working model on both of these. I GURANTEE THIS TIME If someone wakes UP and decides to make money out of one of these Ideas I WILL GET MY PART THIS TIME.

Bill D. Lavoie

Inventor Patent 5077788.


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