Do You Really Want to Save the World?

DO You Really want to save the world ?
Stay with me now. This JUST Might work!

First thing check out cheap vegetable and nut oils on the internet. I found I could buy it for $1.25 a gallon.  Now take that little information and store it.  Please read below. (ref)

Biodiesel is the name of a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources. Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend. It can be used in compression-ignition (diesel) engines with little or no modifications. Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.

How is biodiesel made?
Biodiesel is made through a chemical process called transesterification whereby the glycerin is separated from the fat or vegetable oil. The process leaves behind two products — methyl esters (the chemical name for biodiesel) and glycerin (a valuable byproduct usually sold to be used in soaps and other products).

Ok, we can now make a fuel that emits carbon dioxide, you know, the stuff plants BREATH! OMG! Plants emit oxygen, the stuff that we breath, and if you don’t have much of a chemistry background, just remember the Oxyclean commercial, “oxygen cleans“. Now let me clear this up, we can make a fuel that cleans our atmosphere, gives us clean air to breath and according to just a quick search, very cheap to get the main ingredients. Now here comes the bomb shell, farming will become more profitable than Exxon. Exxon,  the people who posted a 45 billion profit while we were struggling to feed our families.  An Industrial revolution would change farming into a multi million dollar business and the by-product would feed the world.

All we need to do is encourage the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency,  the people that make sure our American Industries does not put too big a hole in the atmosphere with OIL based by-products) to Federally Mandate that American Industries only use Biodiesel.

Now all you have to do is click the hyperlinks and you can make your own decision.

I did.

Why wouldn’t we be stumbling over ourselves trying to accomplish this, Somebody out there got a better Idea?

Bill D. Lavoie, Inventor Patent 5077788.



Don’t ever say you did not have a chance to make a difference in the world you live and more important the world your children live!


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